„success is achieved neither
by wearing the right clothes
nor by talking about it.
practice alone brings success.
this is the truth without doubt”
~ hatha yoga pradipika 1:66 ~

Move into Balance 2019WEB

MOVE INTO BALANCE - Retreat -  14.08. - 18.08.2019

Deine Auszeit in der wunderschönen Natur des Mostviertels, mit einer ausgewogenen Mischung aus Acroyoga, verschiedenen Yogastilen und Thaimassage

14.08. - 18.08.2019 - AcroYoga Retreat mit verschiedenen Yogastilen, Handstandtraining, Thaimassage und Vieles mehr

"MOVE INTO BALANCE Retreat" -  4 Tage Auszeit mit Yoga, Acroyoga, Nuad Thaimassage

Move into Balance Retreat 14.08. - 18.08.2019
ENGLISH VERSION you find below!!

4 Tage Auszeit mit Acroyoga (All Levels), Rocketyoga, Partneryoga, Handstandtraining, Nuad-Thaimassage, Yin-Yoga, Vinyasa-Flow-Yoga, Meditation, Vollmond-Lagerfeuer, Feuershow, u.v.m..

Wir laden dich ein, mit uns Mitte August, auf dem wunderschönen Wolfsberghof im Mostviertel eine harmonisch bewegte Auszeit zu finden. Es erwartet dich eine ausgewogene Mischung aus Acroyoga (Solar & Lunar), verschiedenen Yogastilen, Thaimassage, Meditation, Freizeit, Spiel und Spass.

Vollpension inkl. Unterkunft in wunderschönen Einzel- oder Doppelzimmern. Plus 3x täglich ein ausgewogenes, gesundes, veganes und/oder vegetarisches Essen.

Das Seminarhaus Wolfsberg liegt mitten in einer Naturoase im Mostviertel in Niederösterreich. Neben dem Ötscher, dem Lunzersee, und dem Gebirgsbach Erlauf mit seinen traumhaften Badeplätzen, umgibt sich der Wolfsberg mit vielen kleinen Almen und Jausenstationen. Unzählige Wege durchlaufen die Umgebung und machen sie zu einem wahren Wanderparadies.

Komm alleine, oder zu zweit, mit deiner Familie oder mit deinen FreundInnen. Jede(r) ist willkommen. Vorkenntnisse bei Yoga und Acroyoga sind von Vorteil, aber nicht unbedingt nötig. Jede(r) wird auf seinem Level abgeholt, und kann dazulernen und vertiefen.

Am Mi., nach der Ankunft und dem Beziehen der Unterkünfte, gibt es ein sanftes Welcome Yoga, danach Abendessen und ein erstes Kennenlernen. Sonst beginnen die Tage mit (optionaler) Meditation und Yoga. Danach gibts Frühstück und kurze Pause. Dann beginnt der Vormittags-Block mit Acroyoga und anderen Bewegungseinheiten. Mittagessen wird meist gegen 13 Uhr sein. Danach gibts wieder Pause und freie Zeit um z.B. zu Wandern, zu Rasten, zu Jamen, zu Schwimmen, usw. Gegen 16 Uhr starten wir dann mit der Nachmittagseinheit, die bis ca. 18 Uhr dauert. Danach gibts es Abendessen und wieder freie Zeit. Und am Abend ist Communitytime, mit Spiel und Spass und Allerlei. Am Sonntag werden wir nach dem Mittagessen langsam zusammen packen und bis spätestens 15 Uhr heimwärts düsen.

4 days full of Acroyoga (ALL Levels), Rocketyoga, Partneryoga, Handstand-Training, Nuad-Thaimasage, Yin-Yoga, Vinyasa-Flow-Yoga, Meditation, and much more.

In the mid of august we invite you to the beautiful Wolfsberghof in Lower Austria, to find a harmonic and playful time out. There will be a well-balanced mix of Acroyoga (solar & lunar), different yogastyles, thaimassage, meditation, free time, play and fun.

Full board residential with accommodation in beautiful single or doublerooms. Plus 3 times a day delicious vegetarian and/or vegan food.

The place of the retreat is an old celtic spot, first mentioned in the 11th Century. It is a highly energetic spot, with lots of sun and good vibes around. The nature is beautiful and you can find great hiking routes very close, or take a swim in the beautiful Erlaufsee or Lunzersee.

Come alone, or together with a partner, family and/or friends. Everybody is welcome. Previous knowledge in Yoga and/or Acroyoga is beneficial, but is not essential. We will catch you at your level and will help you to explore.

After arriving and getting settled into our rooms, we will have a gentle yoga-class. After that we´ll have our diner. All the other days we will start with a (optional) morning meditation, followed by a great good-morning Yogasession. Then having breakfast and a break. Our first block of movement will be from ~ 11 a.m. to ~ 1 p.m.. Then we will have a break and free time until 4 p.m. From 4 to ~ 6 p.m. we will have the 2nd movement block. Then is dinner and some free time, until we start our community time filled with fullmoon bun fire, fireshows, massage, fun and laughter, and much more. Surprise included. On Sunday after lunch we will slowly leave the place latest at 3 p.m..

Wednesday 14.08. - Sunday 18.08.2019
Arrival (Ankunft): Wed. 14.08. until 5. p.m. ( bis 17:00 Uhr)
Departure (Abreise) 18.08. until 3 p.m. (bis 15:00 Uhr)

Verein KulturHaus Wolfsberg
Brettl 28, 3264 Brettl bei Gaming, Mostviertel, Niederösterreich

EARLY BIRD until 18.04.2019 => € 240,- / per person
MID BIRD from 18.04. - to 31.05.2019 => € 260,- / per person
LATE BIRD from 31.05.2019 => € 290,- / per person

Zimmerpreise inkl. Vollpension / Rooms & Food
EZ ~ € 380,- / DZ ~ € 320,-- pro Person
Die Zimmer sind vor Ort direkt an die Hausherren zu bezahlen.
This is payed directly to the house-keepers at the retreat.

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Du erhältst nach deiner Anmeldung eine Antwort-Email mit den Einzahlungsdetails.
After your registration you get all the relevant payment details.

Sibylle LANGAUER, (Founder of Artmovements, Organizer, Acro- and Yogateacher, Flow Nuad Practitioner, Art-Therapist, Lover of Life) from Vienna/Austria

As a long time yoga-practitioner, since 1996, i did my Yoga-Teacher Training 2008, at Yandara Yogaschool, in Baja de California (MEX). Since then i´m teaching Yoga in different styles and variations. Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, just to name a few. 2012 i started my Nuad-Flow (Thaimassage) Training in Vienna, with Veni Labi from Sunshine Networks. Since then i´m constantly learning and exploring this wonderful technique.
2014 i did my Acro-Yoga Teacher Training with Acroyoga International. Since then i am constantly teaching Acroyoga classes, workshops and retreats in Vienna, Austria and/or around.
I love to move and to explore my body with all its options, with the focus on a healthy and attentive way of movement. And i love to create a space, where people can connect and explore in a healthy way. Where they feel happy and secure, and are free to be.

► Homepage: http://www.artmovements.at/
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Artmovements/
► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/libelle279/2016

Johanna PASIECZNIK, (Acroyoga Teacher / Partner Acrobatics, Rocketyoga, Aerial-Silk, Aeral Hoop) from Vienna (A) / current place of living Fuerteventura (ESP)

My mum started to share her Yoga practice with my sister and me when she returned from her teacher training in an Ashram in India almost ten years ago.
Our first Acroyoga experience has also been as a Family and it immediately fascinated and bonded us. It was exciting to see that we broke through those typical roles in a family construct. The easy-going baby of the family became the strong and grounded base to rely on and trust in. My mum could let go of her worries and thoughtful caring instincts to enjoy flying light. We discovered strengths we didn’t know we had. We learned so much about support, empowerment, encouragement, communication and cooperation. We grew as a team, it welded us together and opened a door to other possibilities, we travelled to conventions. Then we established a studio where we could practice with the increasing group during the cold winter days.
Now I am a certified partner-acrobatics teacher and part of a worldwide community sharing the passion and experience. About one year ago love brought me to this magical island. Here I have been lucky to find like-minded people to practice, develop and have fun with. Thank you for making me smile Acrofamily Fuerteventura.
We are strong and flexible, we are playful and focused, we are creative and dynamic, we fall and stand up again, we love challenges and relaxation, we are up in space yet rooted, we are friends and partners.

► Homepage: https://manipura.es/
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manipuraAcro/
► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manipura_acroyoga_and_surf_fue/

Diego GONZÀLES, (Acroyoga, Musician, Juggler, Thai Massage Therapist) Spain / Canary Island

As a passionate therapist, musician and juggler I am curious to learn everything about movement and art. I discovered Acroyoga in 2010 and fell in love with the connection that is established between base and flyer such as the international community which creates and shares this discipline around the world.
Acroyoga gives us back the natural human contact, often unlearned playfulness and the possibility of surprising ourselves. Creativity and learning by playing needs to be preserved in our very individualistic and achievement-orientated society.
In 2013 I began my studies of Thai Massage and I am certainly interested in the therapeutic part and healing practice of Acroyoga.
As a base I will always listen carefully and offer you security, confidence and connection. With this won solidity and fluidity we can improve and grow together during the game. So, shall we have fun and fly now?

► Homepage: https://manipura.es/
► Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/manipuraAcro/
► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manipura_acroyoga_and_surf_fue/

Claudia PASIECNIK (Yogateacher, Thai Massage Therapist, passionate Acroyoga Lover, Mother & Amazing Soul) Vienna / Austria

My frist trip to India has been just the start of a spiritual lifelong journey and opened the door to various traditional and natural healing practices. During a yoga teacher training in India I got in touch with Ayurveda, an Indian holistic and preventative medicine. The alternative art of healing involves the whole body and mind, it includes your entire lifestyle with a focus on massage treatments, nutrition and psycho hygiene. Due to my profession as a nurse in the psychiatric hospital, I deepened my knowledge in the therapeutic meaning of Yoga. The following years I studied yoga therapy and became more and more fascinated about the positive effects of yoga for mental health problems f.e. trauma sensitive Yoga, psychosomatic and Yoga etc. To dive even deeper I became an Ayurveda Practitioner and studied Thai Massage in Chang Mai and Lunar Acroyoga. The therapeutic flying, its lovingly touch, the relaxation and meditation such as breathing techniques with a partner has captivated my attention. Now it’s more than 5 years ago that my daughters and me started to practice and share our Acroyoga practice as a family. Our specialization and residence have evolved in different directions, but we still laugh, learn and grow so much. We built communities in different places and appreciate every moment playing together even when it requires travelling. Acroyoga is a very special self-experience about trust, mindfulness, body awareness and body contact. We discover the world upside down in a playful manner like big children and we infect others with our laughter.

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